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by - sexta-feira, abril 18, 2014

Oioi blogamigos!
Estamos na época dos doces :) E o que eu gosto mesmo é de tirar partido das reuniões familiares, que sabem sempre bem. Para além disso temos outros motivos para celebrar....a Primavera...os dias mais longos e mais quentinhos ainda que incertos...hum sabem-me muito bem, presumo que a vocês também.
Vou deixar-vos algumas ideias que poderão por em prática no almoço de Domingo e nas refeições dos mais pequenos ;). 

Easter Party food - Easter Bunny Sandwich

Easter Bunny themed veggie & dip tray - Easter Party Food Ideas - Find more Easter food ideas at http://www.birthdayinabox.com/party-ideas/guides.asp?bgs=96

birthday party food ideas

Some cute Easter bunny food ideas for kids!

Easter Food.  Could do this in red & green for Christmas....could be pizza toppings or a dip...

50 Easter Recipes from Closet Cooking. Love his recipes.
Receitas apetitosas em http://www.closetcooking.com/2013/03/50-easter-recipes.html

Dessert? It's an Illusion ---- What appear to be cracked eggs are something better, or at least sweeter -- scoops of mango sorbet in chocolate shells. ---- How-To: Use a sharp paring knife to split hollow chocolate eggs, available at specialty-food stores, in half, using the seam as a guide. Use a melon baller to scoop sorbet into each shell. Serve immediately, or freeze up to 2 hours.
Bolinhas de Gelado dentro de metades de ovo kinder.

Easter dessert fruit kabobs...choc covered strawberries and bananas layered w angel food cake topped w a Peep! Maddie and I made these :)

Ideias decorativas para as vossas mesas!

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Stands

SO pretty! easter table setting!  a beautiful bundle of pink tulips as a centerpiece. by matilda

Must remember to get flowers for Easter dinner.

Dip Dye easter table setting in neon pink made by Trendenser.se

Spring Easter Table Setting with Wisteria Centepiece | http://betweennapsontheporch.net/spring-easter-table-setting-welcome-to-the-186th-tablescape-thursday/


Easter table setting

Looking for some Easter decoration inspiration? Here are some charming, creative and fun ideas!

Such pretty colors and fabrics use in this Easter party display - Find more Easter Party Ideas at http://www.birthdayinabox.com/party-ideas/guides.asp?bgs=96

Cute Easter Party Ideas

Easter-like the green bunnies, macaroons, homemade cookies, need the story of Easter egg carton of eggs from Family Christian Bookstore to go with it, and some healthy foods such as potato salad, deviled eggs, carrot sticks, etc

From a German website...thread a nice cord or lace through the egg...or buy the wooden eggs from Michael's and glue to the top and/or bottom to suspend from a branch or as pictured above.

Google Image Result for https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEi9AMcIwVcxjJMI1aW45P2fpDaDbQMuqfCxsWCUjNtG2CNsLL0Yd4CrUzjgqHV-r58zzBNZyvRz-278UF6OjF3i5b-0sOXSZl_zu6xgXbNz5VYY7GDs-z8lwnH9StY1RLlu-tXpEDCjKX4/

Easter Party Table Decoration Ideas - Find more Easter Party ideas at http://www.birthdayinabox.com/party-ideas/guides.asp?bgs=96

Easter Eggs - Sharpie

Templates grátis para adornar a vossa mesa em 

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